Geomorfologia Wirtualna
The Virtual Geomorphology
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Sysytemy Informacji Geograficznej w geomorfologii
Geographic Information Systems in geomorphology

Applications of Landsat imagery in the Great Plains
James S. Aber, Everett E. Spellman, Michael P. Webster, and Laura L. Rand
Sandra L. Arlinghaus, William D. Drake, and John D. Nystuen
Modelling Environmental Cognition of the View With GIS
Jonathan Baldwin, Peter Fisher, Joseph Wood and Mitchel Langford
Spatial Modeling and Visualization With GRASS GIS
Helena Mitasova and Bill Brown
GIS-based techniques for mapping landslide hazard
Alberto Carrara, Mauro Cardinali, Fausto Guzzetti and Paola Reichenbach
Using Geographic Information, Image Processing, and Animation Systems to Visualize a Digital Terrain Flyby
Robert G. Clark, John W. Jones, Thomas E. Ciciarelli and Daniel F. Stanfill IV
LISEM: A physically-based hydrological and soil erosion model incorporated in a GIS
A.P.J. De Roo, C.G. Wesseling, N.H.D.T. Cremers, R.J.E. Offermans, C.J. Ritsema and K. van Oostindie,
Process-Oriented Landscape Analysis with the Help of the Geoecological Information System GOEKIS. Experimental Studies and Development of the Geoecological Information System GOEKIS in the Representative Area of Hagen (Nienburg Geest)
Rainer Duttmann
Impact of digital terrain elevation data (DTED) resolution on army applications: simulation vs. reality
Louis A. Fatale, James R. Ackeret and Jeffrey A. Messmore
A Cognitively-based Approach for Hydrogeomorphic Land Classification using Digital Terrain Models
John E. Fels and Kris C. Matson
Data Sources for GIS
Kenneth E. Foote and Margaret Lynch
Spatial Analysis of Cesium in Sediments of Watts Bar Reservoir
R.H. Gardner, W.W. Hargrove, D.A. Levine, S.M. Pearson and K.A. Rose
Global Land One-kilometer Base Elevation (GLOBE)
GLOBE Task Team, Committee on Earth Observation Satellites
Glazialmorphologische Kartenserien - vollständig digital realisiert
Christian Häberling
Computer Simulations of Various Locations in Ice Free Valleys of Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Geof Haines-Stiles and Richard Dowling
Digital Terrain Data: Scientific Discussion
David Hastings
GIS Techniques Using NOAA Data Improve Monitoring of Desertification
David Hastings
The CyberInstitute Short-Course on Geographic Information Systems
David Hastings
Middle East and North Africa Geological and Geophysical Information, Data, and Map Server
Institute for the Study of the Continents, Cornell University
Interpolation and Accuracy of Digital Elevation Models
Olli Jaakkola and Juha Oksanen
Landslide Susceptibility in the Tully Valley Area, Finger Lakes region, New York
Stefan Jäger and Gerald F. Wieczorek
Untersuchung der Erosionsgefährdung in Agrarlandschaften mit dem Geographischen Informations System IDRISI
Martin Kappas and Martin Schweter
Tools for road location and cable setting design: Identifying ridges by running GIS hydrologic functions on inverted topography
Finn Krogstad
Idrisi GIS '96 on CD-ROM
Eric J. Lorup and Josef Strobl (Eds.)
The DEM to Mountain Transformation of Zagros Ranges
George Ch. Miliaresis
3-D Visualization of Geologic Data using Digital Elevation Models
Dave Miller
Geomorphological Simulation
The Ministry of Public Works, Republic of Indonesia
Make a map with NAISMap
The National Atlas Information Service
Integrating GIS and Environmental Modeling on CD-ROM - papers
National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
Integrating GIS and Environmental Modeling on CD-ROM - posters
National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
Digital Elevation Model Standards
National Mapping Program, Geospatial Standards
GIS och fraktaler
Gustaf Nelhans
Utvärdering av en modell att kvantitativt beräkna storleken pa glacialerosion utifran SGU:s Maringeologiska kartblad, serie Am
Gustaf Nelhans
Fraktal analys som verktyg att med kvantitativ metod avgränsa geomorfologiska landskapsregioner
Gustaf Nelhans
Geomorphometric Measures for Digital Elevation Models
Michio Nogami
Characterisation of Topographic Surfaces on a Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN)
Jarno Peschier
Web Resources Compiled For Terrain Modeling
Richard J. Pike
A Digital Photogrammetric Solution (GIS) to Measure Horizontal Surficial Movements on Slumgullion Landslide, Hinsdale County, Colorado
Philip S. Powers and Marta Chiarle
The Butler County geologic map: A case study of the map production process at the Kansas Geological Survey
Jorgina A. Ross
Canadian Soil Information System (CanSIS)
Peter Schut
Auscultación topográfica del glaciar rocoso de las Argualas (Pirineo de Huesca)
F. Silio
Application of a Geographic Information System (GIS) to the Carrizo Plain Area, California
Tectonogeomorphology Project Home Page
Landforms of the Conterminous United States a Digital Shaded-Relief Portrayal
Gail P. Thelin and Richard J. Pike
"Web GIS: Toy or Tool"? Resource List
Bill Thoen
Digital Elevation Model Standards
United States Geological Survey
Visualization Techniques for Landscape Evaluation: Literature Review
JoAnna Ruth Wherrett
The Geomorphological Characterisation of Digital Elevation Models
Joseph Wood
Demystifying the Persistent Ambiguity of GIS as "Tool" Versus "Science"
Dawn J. Wright, Michael F. Goodchild and James D. Proctor
GIS Network Model for Floodplain Water Resource Management
Qiming Zhou, Xihua Yang and Mike D. Melville

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