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of Polish

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Zarząd Główny Stowarzyszenia Geomorfologów Polskich,
Fredry 10, 61-701 Poznań, Poland
tel.: +48-61 529327, fax: +48-61 530234; e-mail:

Biblioteki i indeksy
Libraries and indexes

Library Information Servers via WWW
from University of Washington Libraries, Seattle, WA

Bibliotheken und Verlage / Libraries and publishers
from Institute for Applied Geodesy, Frankfurt am Main

The Library of Congress
with on-line catalogue LC MARVEL

Current Geographical Publications
from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Bibliography of Glaciotectonic References
INQUA Work Group on Glacial Tectonics
by James Sandusky Aber

Journal Catalog
from Universiteits Bibiliotheek, Utrecht

Electronic Publications in the Earth Sciences
from University of California, Berkeley

SWETS Periodicals Database
from Technical University of Budapest

On-line Earth Science Journals
from Korea Institute of Geology, Mining and Materials

from McMaster University Bookstore's WWW Server

The GeoScience Books
by Michael Dennis Cohan

The Internet Book Shop
The Largest On-line Bookshop in the World

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