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of Polish

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Zarząd Główny Stowarzyszenia Geomorfologów Polskich,
Fredry 10, 61-701 Poznań, Poland
tel.: +48-61 529327, fax: +48-61 530234; e-mail:

Informacje i dane
Information and data

of the WWW Virtual Library

The National Geophysical Data Center
The World Data Center System

The United States Geological Survey
Earth and Environmental Science

The ESPROMUD project
Earth Surface PROcesses, Materials use and Urban Development

Simbologia Geomorfologica

The National Science Foundation
Integrated Earth Information Server

Earth Observing System Project Science Office

Earth Observing System Data and Information System

The United States Geological Survey
Global Change Research Program

The United States Global Change Research Information Office

Distributed Active Archive Centers & Databases
from Earth System Science Community Curriculum

Earth Sciences & Map Library Home Page
from University of California, Berkeley

Land Surveying
by Maynard H. Riley

Digital Elevation Data Catalogue
by Bruce Gittings

Global Flood Monitoring and Analysis Project
from Dartmouth College


The Quaternary Page
by Kent Holden

The INQUA File Boutique

Radiocarbon WEB-info
from Waikato and Oxford Universities

Palynology and palaeoclimatology
via the Australian National University

Landscape ecology and biogeography
via the Australian National University

Wide Area Slope Stability Server
from the Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l'Etat

Museum of mineralogy
from Ecole des mines de Paris

The Midwestern U.S. 16,000 Years Ago
from the Illinois State Museum

The Arctic Centre
The gateway to the North

The International Centre for Antarctic Information and Research
The gateway to the South

The International Arid Lands Consortium

The Sheffield Centre for International Drylands Research

Lake Biwa Research Institute

Scientific Software Group

Mineral Resources of Poland
Database from Polish Geological Institute

Szczegolowa Mapa Geologiczna Polski 1:50 000
from Polish Geological Institute

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