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of Polish

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Zarząd Główny Stowarzyszenia Geomorfologów Polskich,
Fredry 10, 61-701 Poznań, Poland
tel.: +48-61 529327, fax: +48-61 530234; e-mail:

Listy dyskusyjne

GEOPOL - a discussion list in geomorphology

GEOMORPHLIST - an electronic mail distribution list
Moderator: William W. Locke

CANGEOGR - an electronic mail distribution list
Moderator: Dan Smith

GEOHAZARDS - an authomatic mailing list system

Discussion of general interest geological topics

Newsgroup on Geography

The mailing list for the Arctic & Antarctica
Moderator: Peter Kevan

Listserv for those interested in ice and the cryosphere
Moderator: Todd Albert

The mailing list in the C14 Radiocarbon Dating

Discussion of rivers, lakes and other inland freshwater bodies

The mailing list in the Soil Erosion

Wind Erosion & Aeolian Processes Discussion List
Moderator: Ted M. Zobeck

Sednet - A group devoted to the science of sedimentology
Owner: e-mail

The discussion list in desertification studies
Moderator: Ian Barnes

The mailing list in the Palynology
Moderator: Peter Kevan

Mailing list on the geomorphometry and the processing of digital elevation models

Discussions on the Digtital Elevation Modules and associated libraries

Discussion of Geographic Information Systems topics

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